Life Changing

IMG_1440Hello! Here I am. Can I say it?! I am so proud of myself for just doing this! I have talked about it and dreamt about it, but finally I am doing it!

What am I going to blog about?! We shall see! But coming from the nurse life of hospital shift work, to being a full time mom at home, life has shifted gears. Β And for the better, I must add!

How can one little being change the whole world for two people? Our little 8 month old girl is our world. Every laugh, every cry, every poop and everything else in between! Being in Canada, and being fortunate enough to have a year of maternity leave, is quite amazing! How will I go back to work?! Maybe I won’t!!!! A girl can dream, right?


Danica, my beautiful eight month old daughter, is everything that I dreamed of and more! Basically, I wanted to get it out, into words, on paper, and on my blog, just how over the moon happy I am!

Since having Danica, I am now really trying to find ways to work from home, instead of going back to work! I mean, if there is any chance for me not to miss these first years of life, count me in!

So, as I continue on my blog, I hope to get some followers, success and, most importantly, just enjoy the journey!



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