So last week I was sleeping soundly in my bed and was abruptly woken up by the sound of a loud bang on the floor, followed by intense crying coming from the nursery.

I run into Danica’s room and she is out of the crib, face down, on the rug on the floor. She is crying hysterically (good sign) as I rush to pick her up. The nurse in me is doing a full head-to-toe assessment, checking for head injuries and feeling for broken bones.

Thankfully, she is 100% totally fine. However, I cannot stop thinking about the “what ifs?”. She proceeds to eat, play and carry on like nothing happened. I immediately lower the mattress in the crib, realizing that we should have done it a while ago. Hindsight, right?!

First of all, I felt embarrassed and like the worst mom you could ever have. But then, much to my relief, other parents started to tell me their stories. It turns out that I am not the first mom ever to have their child fall out of the crib! And that other parents have their own stories and experiences.

So, while we all may feel like the worst parents at times, we are actually not! I mean, our kids have food, clothing, shelter and endless love given to them. And someone told me that even the fact that I feel like the worst mom ever, that makes me the BEST mom I could ever be for Danica! Parenthood does not need to be isolating, we are all here learning as we go. So keeping open lines and talking to other moms and dads really is a great thing to do in this wild ride of parenting!


2 thoughts on “Am I The WORST Mom EVER?!

  1. It’s so scary when things like this happen! But it is relieving to know that there is a community of moms out there to lean on. What would we do without each other?! Probably become zombie mommy robots 😉

    Love your blog so far ❤

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