Enjoying the Finer Things in Life

There is nothing like supporting local. And even better is to support someone who is near and dear to you!.

My sister-in-law, Shelley Nutma, is one extremely  talented self-taught artist. She creates art that depicts our beautiful country so well. She expresses, “Through my art I aim to capture the Canadian wilderness and it’s ability to inspire wonder and awe”. That is definitely acheived through her artwork. Shelley lives in Calgary, Alberta with her husband and adorable daughter, Bella. And we cannot forget her two dogs!

I recently purchased the beauty shown above. It is called “An Autumn Story” and really gives the feeling of the title. It is a watercolour print that is of very high quality. I asked Shelley to describe her painting,

“An Autumn Story” was the first piece done in what would become my “Storybook ” series. I wanted this piece to be more illustrative, as if it were found in a storybook. I started off with sketching the scene in ink, no pencil; I wanted it to be raw and organic. Then I filled it with watercolour paints. Summer was coming to an end when I started “An Autumn Story” – This was my inspiration!

Creativity and heart are the words that come to mind with Shelley’s artwork. She captures the true beauty of Canada and brings it to life on paper.

My family and I enjoy camping in the summer, and this painting specifically gives a feeling of nostalgia and longing to be camping again. Since it is winter here, we won’t be getting out camping until the spring, May, at the earliest. The river flowing through the trees and the rocks along the banks depict the type of camping landscape that we search for.

Here is another beautiful picture (in sticker form) entitled “Kananaskis”. It reminds me of the stunning drive to the Rocky Mountains. Which, I must add, are just a short drive away from us here in Calgary, Alberta. The road driving towards forest and soon into the mountains to get away from the city for a while is my type of therapy.

“The vast majority of my artwork is nature-based. The Canadian landscape has always been a fascination of mine and it’s ruggedness is ever-inspiring. Living in Calgary, the neighbouring mountains are something I see nearly every day and they make a frequent appearance in my artwork. Their unmoving, wild and vast size never cease to fascinate and inspire me. I work in a variety of mediums and choose whichever I feel will best suit the place I have in mind”

-Shelley Nutma

Thank you so much for letting me learn more about your artwork Shelley. And for letting me write this post!

If you would like to check out more of Shelley’s artwork or purchase any of these prints, you can check out Shelley’s Etsy store;

https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/ShelleyNutmaARTShelley Nutma Art


Thanks so much for reading! If you have never been to Western Canada , specifically Alberta and British Columbia, I highly recommend visiting. You can see these stunning pictures come to life!



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