Christmas at the Nut House!

Well, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! This is our Christmas tree! Barricaded off because of a little 9 month old baby who loves to explore and touch anything! But we wouldn’t want it any other way!!! We have all been sick over here so I haven’t written in a while, but I am back!

Christmas is my most favourite season! The trees, the lights, the visiting, family bonding and the music!

But as much as there is so much magic with the season, there is always something missing. My parents. So, I like to make an effort to try to keep their memory alive . My mom, especially, was a true Christmas lover. And our family would do many yearly Christmas traditions.

After chatting with my sis, these are the most memorable holiday traditions that our family had!

Baking Christmas Goodies!

Of course! Shortbread, gingerbread, nuts and bolts, and some marshmallow/peanut butter/ marishino cherry bar! Yum! This tradition will be carried on for sure. Helping mom bake cookies and the fragrant smell.. ahhh!!! Dani didn’t help this year, however, I would say thats a good thing. She wouldn’t be much help at 9 months old!

Swiss Chalet

Okay , totally a festive dinner out for sure. Usually after shopping for Christmas gifts. I remember the quarter chicken dinner. And the meal always came with a pack of Lindor chocolates to take home! I’m not a total Swiss Chalet fan, although I haven’t been there in years, but we are going to go as a family …. and maybe have the chicken dinner.

Driving Around to Look at Christmas Lights

This was a Christmas Eve tradition. We would hop in the minivan as a family and go look at lights before attending church. Nice warm vehicle, appreciating other peoples hard work and dedication to their masterpiece light show! So much fun! We are keeping this tradition alive for sure 🙂

Kenny and Dolly!

How would we ever survive a Christmas season without the most magical Christmas duo of all! Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. First the record (and years later the CD) would play all the time at our house. Every time I hear this album I am brought back to my childhood, waiting for Christmas to arrive. One of the best tunes “I’ll be home for Christmas” still brings a tear to my eye remembering my mom and dad.

The Grinch

So anyone who knows me knows that I am a Grinch fanatic! I love the Grinch! And it is not time to celebrate Christmas until we have seen that movie at least three times! The cartoon is by far my favourite, although Jim Carey’s version is a close second haha! The best part of the Grinch movie is the moral behind the movie. Although I do love presents and stockings and the giving of gifts, I do also know that Christmas means a little bit more.

(We don’t generally give Dani any “TV time” but I had to make an exception for this movie).

Thanks for reading. I hope that this helps to remind us all of our favourite traditions during this time of year! And if you don’t have any traditions, or not enough, there’s always time to add some to the list 🙂 .


5 thoughts on “Christmas at the Nut House!

  1. Those are such great traditions, and it’s so nice that you can remember your parents through them. ❤ ❤
    I'm sure you guys have this too, but it's also exciting – now that we have the wee ones – to pass on what we did as kids to our kids, as well as create new and unique ways to celebrate with them.

    (PS: nice touch with the chairs around the tree lol. Yay baby-proofing! 😛 )


    1. Thanks so much!! And yes, it really is nice to keep their memories alive :).
      It is so exciting that we get to keep traditions going!
      Right?!? I feel like nothing is safe at this house with Dani around!! LOL


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