My Big Move…

Moving across the country was the biggest thing that I have ever done.

The decision did not come easy.

But you know what? Once the decision was made, it was a done deal. I left behind my full time job in Intensive Care, my friends and of course, my dad and sister. “One year” I said. One year and then home.

To this day, the decision has felt like a blur. In my heart of hearts I don’t know exactly why I decided to come. But my life was forever changed.

It was 2008, I was a new nurse headed for Calgary and Emergency Nursing. I moved with a girlfriend from work who was coming to be closer to her sister. Hmm and I am leaving my family….

I was miserable for at least eight months. It was lonely, tough and eye opening. I was a country mouse living as a city mouse.

On the bright side, I was loving the shopping, nightlife and independence. But I was spending too much, working too much and sleeping too little. Life was getting too fast for me and I was quickly falling behind.

I got into debt despite working tons of overtime. My friendship ended with the girl that I moved out here with. I was tapped out, ready to move home. But I persevered. And you know what? I don’t know why, but I did. I think I needed to prove to myself that I could do one year.

Well, one year came and went. In that year I had visits from my sister and my friend Jenn, both from Thunder Bay, and that really made it tolerable. It gave me something to look forward to. I also went home to visit a lot. And by the time that first year was over, I wasn’t ready to leave.

Now it is just over 9 years later. I did go back home once with the intention of moving home but that didn’t stick. It wasn’t the right time, and there was a huge revelation. Things change. Life keeps going when you move away and things were different. I had also changed. So I returned to Calgary, and met my husband-to-be a mere month later!

And now we are settled here. There are often times when I think how wonderful it would be to move back home to Thunder Bay, Ontario. But this is where we are settled. And this is where we will be staying, as this is where the work is. So I have made it my home. Also, since having a wee one, this IS her home. And this will be her home base. So we embrace Calgary with open arms for that very reason!


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