How I Motivate Myself in the Morning!!!

Good morning and Happy Valentine’s Day!!! It’s Danica’s very first one!!

The simple answer to how I motivate myself in the morning….

Coffee!! and more coffee!!!

Just kidding! Kinda…

Now, I am a firm believer that every day is a new day. Yes, cliche and all, it is true! It’s a second (or third or fiftieth) chance! And it’s a new day for a reason.

There are too many times where I choose to over indulge in food, beverages, laziness, procrastination, and so forth the night before and think to myself, “tomorrow is a new day”!

And then when the morning comes and the day is just beginning, I set out with goals and plans.

  1. First, I think about what is most important in my day and what I would like to accomplish today. It does not always happen, but making a mental note keeps me on track and focused. There are some must do’s (mostly grocery list related). And there are others that are only going to happen if I am a real eager beaver!
  2. Get out of bed!!! I am a morning person by nature. So I cannot lie in bed until noon even if I wanted to! Theres so much to do!! (Not to mention with an infant and a puppy, that choice really is not there).  Some people may also add shower. I, however, do not. I am an evening shower girl, so that is already done.
  3. Put on clothes! They can be PJ’s or sweat pants. Just, personally, waking up walking around in nothing but a robe (or less) will not keep me motivated! I need to have enough clothing on that, worst case scenario, if I need to leave my house I will not be flashing everyone in sight!!
  4. Look around. Really. Life is pretty good. Some days better than others, but in general, even waking up is something not everyone is going to get to experience on any particular day. I see my life, my house that is a home. I see my husband, who I adore. And my beautiful girl that I thank God for daily. I see my fur babies. I see the hope in every day. And that makes me want to be the best person I can be. I want to get things done, stay motivated, positive and real.
  5. Coffee!!! Now really, I don’t know when this total love/addiction to coffee came to be, but it is here! I love holding onto a hot cup of java. Too much makes me shakey, so I have to proceed with caution. But this stuff literally motivates me to take on the day! I love my Phil and Sebastian’s local Calgary company. (If you are ever in town and are a coffee lover, I highly suggest Phil and Seb’s). But on a regular day, Nabob or McDonald’s will do! And, believe it or not, my sister had a gift card for Dunkin Donuts in the U.S.A. at Christmas and I got some French Vanilla coffee from there that I love!

By starting each day with these small, but important, things I feel driven to accomplish what I set out for. Some days, I literally aim to keep my daughter fed and my house warm. And that is okay! Enjoy your day! Excuse me while I go and finish my cuppa!


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