Rollercoaster of Emotions!

Well, its official! Baby #2 is on the way!!

There is not a lot of difference between this pregnancy and the last in terms of morning sickness (minimal to none), fatigue and exhaustion (present!), and cravings (maybe more sweets this time?). But the one thing that has stood out a lot to myself, and my husband I must add, is this constant swing of moods!

I feel like I am up and then down and then left and then right! I cry at the smallest (and biggest) things. I take EVERYTHING personally and the feelings of happiness overwhelm me! It is just too much to handle some days.

I know I come by it honesty, the emotional girl. But when a shower head makes you freak out because its pressure just wrecks your whole day, it may be a bit extreme. Even for myself!

Now, I don’t think my emotions and mood swings are anything that requires medical attention or medication, but if I felt that they did, I would most certainly seek the help I needed. I do just find that I need to actually start using my years of yoga practise to my advantage. The breathing, the letting go and the taking care of me!

Sometimes I don’t catch it fast enough and take it out on the person who lives with me-sorry husband! But all in all, it is not an easy part of pregnancy, and I am sure its not going to drastically improve once baby comes and there is a toddler and a baby and a lack of sleep and a change in hormonal balance EEEK!!
So I will end here with saying that as I acknowledge my constant shifts in moods and feelings, I also understand that just like a rollercoaster, I will ride it out! And hope those steep climbs and drops go away just as fast as they come!!


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