Pajama Party ALL Day!

Happy Friday! I cannot believe 3 weeks and 3 days until Christmas. We are so excited over here at our place! Danica will have her first Christmas in the U.S.A. We are going to spend it with my sister and her husband in Connecticut. Danica and her cousin will both get to celebrate their First Christmas together! I cannot wait!!!

Well, I did it!

I’m not sure if I should be proud or embarrassed, but I was that woman who wore her pjs ALL day long! I literally woke up, changed my skivvies and put my jammies back on.

Now, when Dani was first born I did the same thing. But that was a totally different circumstance. I had just given birth to a baby and the only thing I could concentrate on was keeping a newborn baby alive !

I won’t make a habit of it but, it felt pretty darned good to do it! Not putting on clothes, makeup or straightening my hair made me feel rebellious. In a “bad mom” sorta way!

I do fully understand why the advice is given to “always get yourself ready for the day, even if there is nowhere to go”.  I agree that you feel better even just running a brush through the hair and a little mascara on the peepers. Who knows what the day will bring about, and you want to be ready.

But, on this one amazingly relaxing day, I felt great! And not ashamed! Well, not really ashamed! Although, I am glad that no one came to the door to see me at 2pm, hair in messy bun (not purposely) and pj pants on!

So I challenge you , if this is totally out of your comfort zone, to try it! You can even start by wearing sweat pants around the house for the day! It won’t turn into a weeklong episode of not bathing at wearing the same underwear, ew. It will just give you that Christmas morning, chilling’ with no makeup on, letting hair do its own kinda thing feeling! And, if its that terrible, you NEVER have to do it AGAIN!

It’s a wild wild world out there. We have to tackle it daily. So why don’t you take one of those 365 days to just enjoy those pjs night AND day!